Celebration of Sapta Swarupa Annakutotsava with many Gossainjis

Celebration of Sapta Swarupa Annakutotsava with many Gossainjis

by Unknown Artist
circa 1900

Opaque watercolour, gold and silver on paper
13 x 9.5 in. (33 x 24.1 cm.)

The festival of Annakuta commemorates the lifting of Mount Govardhan by Lord Krishna to protect the villagers of Vraja from the wrath of Lord Indra and the subsequent offering of rice & curd by the villagers of Vraja to Lord Krishna.

This painting depicts the notional gathering of the sapta swarupas in Nathdwara alongwith their Gossainjis. Here, Shrinathji and his sapta swarupa, flank the main image beside the embroidered “tree of life” where a huge mound of rice and curd representing Mount Govardhan are placed as four pieces of pink sweets adorn the four sides of the mound. Hampers of various types of food and sweets are piled in front of the deity in the true spirit of Annakuta.

Dauji II is depicted performing aarti. Girdharji and Govardhanlalji are also shown on the left. Several other Gossainjis witness the event. Women with their head covered sit cross-legged in the foreground.