Jyotsana Bhatt

Jyotsana Bhatt (b. 1940)
Ceramic centre, Vadodara, 1999

Jyotsana Bhatt was born in Mandvi, Kutch in 1940 and studied sculpture under Prof. Sankho Chaudhuri at the M S University, Baroda. She later studied ceramics under Shri Basab Barua and at the Brooklyn Museum Art School, USA. She learnt copper enameling at a private studio in New York.

The mentors she had shaped her journey as a sculptor and enhanced her sense of form, texture and colour, making her work alive in the three dimensional format. Her ceramic work includes cats, dogs and the dome of the wheel is her favorite form. She often makes simple geometric forms like spheres and cylinders and later cuts, joins, tilts, pushes, twits and stretches them till she arrives at a visually satisfactory form.

She taught at, and later headed the Department of Ceramics at the M S University, Baroda until her retirement in 2002. Bhatt has been a mentor to several ceramicists, who as a result of her encouragement have turned into discerning professionals in their field. In her career spanning over fifty years, she has been a part of several group exhibitions, workshops, art camps, and solo shows. She is married to the eminent artist Jyoti Bhatt and lives and works in Vadodara.