Maharaja Bahadur Singh of Kishangarh

Maharaja Bahadur Singh (r.1748-1781) of Kishangarh

by Kishangarh court artist
circa 1750 CE

Gouache on paper
14 x 10.8 in. (35.6 x 27.4 cm.)

Back: “Maharirajdhiraj Shri Bahadur Singhji Kishangarh”

Maharaja Bahadur Singh of Kishangarh’s long reign was marked with the tension of succession and Maratha attacks which he competently addressed. He declared himself as the ruler at the time of his father’s death while his elder brother, the rightful heir was in Delhi.

He greatly favoured painting activities and favoured the style which was developed under the patronage of Maharaja Savant Singh. Facial features in this portrait with a sharp, pointed long nose and chin, receding forehead line and protruding lips faintly resemble the popular Radha-Krishna and bani–thani images. The white on white depiction of the figure is juxtaposed with a bright landscape in background and orange-golden horizon. His figure appears larger against small and meticulously detailed fortress in distant background.

A large number of his portraits were painted and can be seen in a number of royal and private collections.