Maharaja Ram Singh of Bundi

Maharaja Ram Singh (1811, r. 1821-1889) of Bundi in a
wedding procession

by Jodhpur court artist
circa 1830 CE

Gouache on paper
8.1 x 11.8 in. (20.6 x 30 cm.)

Front: “Bundi Durbar Ram Singhji”

Inscription informs that the nayak in procession is Ram Singh of Bundi, but the facial features do not go with other known images of him.

This procession scene is rendered in mixed style of Jodhpur and Bundi and appears to be of a royal wedding. The bridegroom has a golden nimbus around his face and is decked with lavish gold-pearl jewelry. Majority of the people attending the procession are clad in orange-red outfits, suiting the festive mood. People in the front rows are holding guns and javelins and few are holding various standards of the royal house. Artist rendered the movement of the procession by aligning men and objects including the guns, javelins and the rope inside the palanquin to show uniform flow and discipline.