Maharaja Takhat Singh worshipping Bahuchara Mata

Maharaja Takhat Singh (1813, r. 1843-1873)
worshipping Bahuchara Mata

by Jodhpur court artist
circa 1850 CE

Gouache on paper
13 x 9.7 in. (33 x 24.6 cm.)

Maharaja Takhat Singh of Jodhpur along with one of his wives is shown worshipping Bahuchara Mata inside a palatial set up. It is not established as yet whether Takhat Singh physically went to the temple located in Mehsana (Gujarat), but if he did, it would have been probably seeking the boon for a child.

Bahuchara Mata is commonly worshipped by a few communities, majorly by Hijra (trans-sexual and trans-gender) and by those who seek blessing for offsprings. A large golden radiating nimbus, elaborate crown, gem encrusted jewelry and embossed pearls heighten the grandeur with which Devi is projected. She holds a trident, a sword, a wine cup and a decanter in four of her hands. Her vahana (vehicle) is a large white cockerel with a red face, which symbolizes innocence; and is flanked by kala and gora Bhairava.