Maharana Fateh Singh attending Manorath of five swarups at Nathdwara

Maharana Fateh Singh (1849, r.1884-1930) attending
Manorath of five swarups at Nathdwara

by Ghasiram Hardev Sharma, Nathdwara
circa 1900 CE

Gouache on paper
21.1 x 15.9 in. (53.6 x 40.5 cm.)

A manorath is performed to fulfil a long cherished desire and an innermost yearning to perform seva to the deity. This portrait is of the assembly of five swarups at Nathdwara. The swarups are Shrinathji, Navneetpriyaji, Vitthalnathji, Dwarkadhish from Kankroli and Mathureshji from Kotah.

The celebration was attended by Maharana Fateh Singhji of Mewar. In the portrait Tilkayat Govardhanlalji is seen performing aarti on the left and besides him Maharana Fateh Singhji is praying. On the right many Goswami’s from different areas like Kotah, Kashi, Kankroli and Shergarhwale are seen along with their children. The Maharana of Mewar used to regularly visit Nathdwara during such special occasions. In the outer frame two staff bearers are also seen on either side. In the background is a gold and silver brocade pichawai (backdrop) with golden cows. In the foreground are five golden vessels containing biris of Paan for each swarup.

This manorath has been painted by renowned artist Ghasiram Hardev Sharma. He was one of the most prolific artists of Nathdwara. After being engaged in painting murals for the Raja of Jhalawar, Ghasiram became chief or mukhiya of the painting department at Nathdwara.