Maharana Jawan Singh of Mewar

Maharana Jawan Singh (r.1828-1838) of Mewar

Attributed to Baijnath
circa 1830 CE

Gouache on paper
9.8 x 7.7 in. (24.9 x 19.6 cm.)

Back: “Maharanoji Shri Jawan Sinhji ri svi”

A number of family tradition of painters served Mewar royal atelier including the family of celebrated artists Bagta and Chokha. This family migrated and returned to Mewar court after a stint at Devgarh. These two painters were most influential and their style became the court style which was followed by almost all the regional painters including Baijnath of the same family.

A few small scale portraits of Maharana Bhim Singh and Maharana Jawan Singh in various collections can be attributed to Baijnath.

Riding a rearing horse, Maharana Jawan Singh is clad in a bright yellow-golden outfit teamed with lavish pearl jewelry. Horse’s trappings include lines of golden halra (garlands) and red cloth
flowing under its saddle.