Maharana Swarup Singh of Mewar playing holi

Maharana Swarup Singh (1815, r.1842-1861) of Mewar
playing holi

by Ambavo of Mewar
circa 1845 CE

Gouache on paper
13. x 9.8 in. (33 x 24.9 cm.)

Back: “Shri Eklingji, Maharajadhiraj Mharanaji Shri Shri Sarup Singh ji ri
tasbir hathi upare faag ro ? Sambat 1908 fagan sud 8 chataro Ambavo”

Chitara or artist Ambavo was active during the reign of Maharana Swarup Singh, Shambhu Singh and Sajjan Singh and was possibly trained by master artist Tara.

Maharana Swarup Singh commissioned a number of paintings which portrayed his courtly and cultural life, especially featuring his grand holi celebrations. A number of paintings portraying him playing holi with his kith and kin were prepared in multiple copies and versions.

Compositionally and stylistically artist Ambavo owes a lot to his master, but his style is recognizable for a folksy appeal. His brush work is not as refined as his master and other colleagues like Shivalal and Parashuram.