Maharao Ram Singh II of Kotah

Maharao Ram Singh II (1808, r.1828-1866) of Kotah

by Kotah court artist
circa 1850 CE

Gouache on paper
12.7 x 9.8 in. (32 x 24.9 cm.)

Maharao Ram Singh II of Kotah was a dynamic ruler and a noted patron of arts.

A large number of paintings were made by numerous painters documenting his daily life and his devotional inclinations. A number of Ram Singh’s equestrian portraits depict him indulged in different activities like playing polo.

In keeping with Rajput proportions of delineation, this portrait depicts the well dressed ruler slightly larger in proportion as opposed to others in the composition. A bright colour palette of synthetic pigments is used, which was a common feature of mid nineteenth century and later Kotah paintings.