Sheth Nagindas Lallubhai Johari, Mumbai

Sheth Nagindas Lallubhai Johari, Mumbai (d. 1910)
Diamond businessman from Palanpur

by H. Hormsji Deboo
dated: 07 May, 1910

Oil on canvas
29.5 x 23.6 in. (75 x 60 cm.)

A Parsi artist, probably sought after by his community and rich businessmen of Mumbai, to paint portraits. Not much is known about the artist’s biography, however there was a photography studio by the name of S. Hormsji in Mumbai, which might have been his.

A closer look at the portrait gives us more of a studio photograph image with two plant pots placed by the side for breaking the monotony of the entire image. It was in line with the photo realism popular during those times.

This portrait is of a diamond merchant, Sheth Nagindas Lallubhai Johari who migrated from Palanpur to Mumbai and earned repute in the Johari community. He was succeeded by his two sons, one of whom was also the president of the Diamond Merchant Association during those times.