Shri Dharmendrasinhji

Shri Dharmendrasinhji (1910, r. 1930-1940)
Thakore Sahib of Rajkot

by an Indian Sculptor
circa 1931

Painted Marble Sculpture
22 x 7 x 6 in. (55.9 x 17.8 x 15.2 cm.)

Thakore Shri Dharmendrasinhji Lakhajiraj Sahib, Thakore Sahib of Rajkot was born at the Ranjit Villas Palace, Rajkot in 1910. He succeeded his father, Thakore Shri Sir Lakhajiraj III Bawajiraj Sahib, after his death in 1930. He reigned under a Council of Administration until he was invested with full ruling powers in 1931. His unpopular rule contrasted with that of his father and grandfather, and resulted in organised opposition against his rule by the Indian National Congress and peoples’ organizations. He taxed his subjects heavily, hoarded goods for his own black market activities, and expended 50% of the revenues on his own pastimes.

This sculpture, made in marble, in possibly a mock-up of the original sculpture that Shri Dharmrndrasinhji Sahib commissioned after he came to full ruling power in 1931.