Thota Vaikuntam

Thota Vaikuntam (b. 1942)
Uttarayan Artist Camp, Vadodara, 2001

Thota Vaikuntam was born in 1942 in Boorugupali, Andhra Pradesh and completed his first Diploma in Painting at the College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad in 1970 and second diploma in Painting and Print making from the Faculty of Fine Arts at M S University, Baroda in 1972.

His muse is the sensuous and voluptuous women of his region with vermilion bindis and colourful sarees that highlights their dusky skin. He held his first solo exhibition at the Kala Bhavan in Hyderabad in 1973 and since then has had regular shows at various galleries. He has received the National Award for Painting, in 1993, and the Biennale Award from Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, in 1988-89. He lives and works in Hyderabad.