Tilkayat Damodarji Maharaj with a shishya

Tilkayat Damodarji Maharaj (1797-1826) with a shishya

by Nathdwara Haveli artist
circa 1850 CE

Gouache on paper
12.8 x 9.8 in. (32.5 x 24.9 cm.)

In a short lived stewardship, Tilkayat Damodarji made a great impact on varied aspects of society. He constructed a number of private and public utility buildings including Bada Baag, Bada Bazar, Mathura Darwaza, a Gaushala (to accommodate 4000 cows), Lalbaug Palace and completed the boundary wall of Girdharsagar Lake.

His tenure was comparatively peaceful and his relation with rulers of various kingdoms was cordial. He was conferred certain powers related to justice in his region by Maharana Bhim Singh.

A number of painters flourished under his patronage and got a lot of ambitious projects completed like murals in the Haveli and in Mahuvavala akhada.

Unlike other terrace set up compositions, this painting shows a chik (curtain) drawn behind the balustrade which acts as a decorated backdrop and the same set up was also used for other paintings.