Vivan Sundaram

Vivan Sundaram (b. 1943)
Art Gallery, Delhi, 2007

Vivan Sundaram was born in 1943 in Shimla and got educated from the Doon School, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda and the Slade School of Fine Arts, London.

He works in many different media, including painting, sculpture, print making, photography, installation, found objects and video art. He was one of the first artists to work with installations as he believed that art was something that needed the audience to engage and participate. His mother was the sister of noted Indian modern artist Amrita Sher-Gil. In 1972, he organized a retrospective for Amrita based on archival photographs and edited an anthology of her work. He lives and works in New Delhi, where he is a visiting professor at the Jamia Milia Islamia University.