Reza Shah Pahlavi

Reza Shah Pahlavi (1878-1944)
and three emperors of ancient Iran
Daryush, Shahpur-1, Siroos (Cyrus)

by Aqa Mirza Habibullah Khan, Shiraz, Iran
circa 1920

Chromolithograph printed at Hate & Co. Litho, Byculla, Bombay
15.5 x 19 in. (39.4 x 48.3 cm.)

Parsi’s Motherland-Iran
Reza Shah Pahlavi, popularly known as Reza Khan, was the first
democratically elected monarch of Iran and founder of the Pahlavi
dynasty. He established a constitutional monarchy that lasted
until being overthrown in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution. He
introduced many social, economic, and political reforms during his
reign, ultimately laying the foundation of the modern Iranian state.

Parsis migrated to India around the 8th century AD to avoid
persecution following the Arab conquest of Persia. However, their
love for their motherland (Persia and now modern day Iran) never
ceased. In this imaginary composition, it is shown that Motherland
of Iran rests her head upon the chest of Reza Khan and tells him
that all eyes are on him, after the merciful God, and to kill all
enemies with his sword. Reza Khan says his hopes are with the pure
God as he is his helper and friend. Reza Khan is shown standing
on his feet, having a sword in the hand, for the service of his great
motherland. The three ancient Iranian Emperors belonging to the
Imperial Sasani dynasty, who ruled immediately before the advent
of Islam between A.D. 226 and 651 are shown on the right.