Dossabhoy Sorabjee Moonshee

Dossabhoy Sorabjee Moonshee (1786-c. 1875)
Renowned for his knowledge of Persian, Hindustani and Gujarati

by studio artist of Illustrated London News
dated 28-02-1863

Wood engraving
7.2 x 6.3 in. (18.3 x 16 cm.)

Born in Bharuch (a province of Gujarat), he was brought to Bombay and placed in a Persian seminary. Later he was employed as a Persian teacher by Wadia Hormusji Bomanji. It was from this familythat he obtained the title of Moonshee. Known for his knowledge of Persian, Hindustani, Gujarati and English. He was a poet, prose writer, who authored and translated several literary Persian works.