Maharana Swaroop Singh

Maharana Swaroop Singh (r. 1842 – 1861)

He succeeded the throne at Udaipur after his elder brother Maharana Jawan Singh fell ill and died in July 1842. Able, intelligent and financially prudent, Swaroop Singh was also a complex and devious character, distrustful of all and tyrannical in conduct. Distrusting his advisors, Swaroop Singh took control of the state finances and managed them well enough to turn the deficits of his predecessors into a decent surplus much of which was disbursed in gifts of religious charity during his final illness.

Wood engraving by Illustrated London news studio artist, after a drawing by William Carpenter (1818 – 1899)

Size: 10.5 x 16 in. (26.7 x 40.6 cms.)
Date of printing – 1858