Princes & Chief of Western India

Princes & Chief of Western India (circa 1870)

This was published in Europe for those who had never travelled to India. However, it is almost impossible to convey an adequate idea of the vast extent and varied population of the peninsula known by that name. Many of these princes & chiefs attended the grand Darbar held in Bombay, Nov. 1872.

Wood engraving by Harper Weekly studio artist, after reference of different drawings & photographs

Size: 16.5 x 23 in. (41.9 x 58.4 cms.)
Date of printing – 1873

List of Portraits (From Top, Left to Right)

First Line
1. Chief of Bhore (Mahratta)
2. Sir Salar Jung, Minister of H. H. The Nizam (Persian Shiah)
3. Kattywar Prince
4. The Nimbulkhar Chief of Phulton (Mahratta)
5. H. H. Nawab of Joonaghur (Mussulman)
6. Chief of Sangli, late Member of Legislative Council (Mahratta)
7. Rajah of Kolapore, S. M. Country (Mahratta)
8. Bhow Sahib of Sangli (Mahratta)
9. Chief of Koorundwar (Deccan Sirdar)

Second Line
1. (Minor) Thakoor of Wudwan (semi-Rajpoot)
2. Jam of Nowanuggur (semi-Rajpoot)
3. Chief of Vinchoor (Mahratta)-Anna Sahib
4. Chief of Vinchoor (Mahratta) – Dada Sahib
5. H. H. The Begum of Bhopal (Mussulman)
6. Chief of Jumkundie, S. M. Counrty (Mahratta)
7. Sir Dinkar Rao, formerly Dewan of Gwalior (Mahratta)
8. Nawab of Pahlunpoor (Mohammedan)
9. Rao of Kutch (semi-Rajpoot)

Third Line
1. Nawab of Radhunpoor (Mohammedan)
2. Kattywar Prince
3. Chief of Drangdra (Kattywar)
4. (Minor) Chief of Rajcote (semi-Rajpoot)
5. H. H. Maharajah Scindiah of Gwalior (Mahratta)
6. Kattywar Prince
7. Punt Prateeneeda Sattara Sirdar (Mahratta)
8. (Minor) Chief of Barria (Rajpoot Bheel)
9. Chief of Drangdin

Fourth Line
1. Sirdar of Sangli (Maharatta Sirdar)
2. H. H. Maharajah of Rewah, Central India (Rajpoot)
3. Heir-Apparent of Joonaghur (Mussulman)
4. H. H. Maharajah of Travancore (Tamil Hindoo)
5. Chief of Meeraj
6. Sirdar of Sangli (Mahratta)
7. H. H. Joonaghur (Mussulman)
8. (Minor) Chief of Edur (Rajpoot)
9. (Minor) Chief of Loonawarra (Rajpoot of Bheet)